Book Review: Light is the New Black

IMG_7966Light is the New Black, by Rebecca Campbell, to me is a life changing book. It is amazing, exceptionally well written, easy to read, and it talks straight to you.

Yesterday as I sat in my favourite coffee shop on my break from work I opened ‘Light is the New Black’ and with only 45 pages left to read, was feeling a little sad that I was coming to the end of a wonderful life changing read. Though I knew from now on that this book would be a resource book for me for so many different reasons now and in to the future. The timing on reading Rebecca’s book couldn’t have come at a better time and a big thank you to my friend Cass of Ambrosium in Kalamunda for recommending it to me, and the biggest thank you to Rebecca Campbell for writing this amazing life changing book.

Four weeks ago I returned for a trip of a life time, to feeling unstable, unhappy, when I should have been still excited, but I wasn’t. I was emotionally, and spiritually unstable. I couldn’t anchor myself back into my writing as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t stay focused really on anything, which was not like me at all. I was super fidgety on everything and just wanted to return to badly to Northern Ireland as I felt so happy and content there.

As I explained this to my friend Cass, she handed me the book that would make the biggest difference in such a very short period of time. I didn’t know at the time when Cass showed me the book, and I said I would pick it up in a couple of days from her, that was the Friday, come Monday I was in her shop paying for the book and heading to a local coffee shop to read, as my original appointment was cancelled. I sat and very quickly got engrossed into the words that were before me, and suddenly I felt this massive weight lift from my body. I had been walking around feeling the weight of everything on me, feeling so heavy and unhappy, to suddenly I was feeling light and smiling.




Maya Angelou

This is the opening quote to the book, followed by Rebecca’s welcome to reading her book. Next comes another quote, this time from the Dalai Lama:




Rebecca goes into her introduction and then follows with a beautiful poem called Rise Sister Rise, that triggered something deep within to say, its time, its truly time to now look inside of myself and truly listen to my soul talk and show me the way. I have forever searched externally for where I was to be going, even though on a level I kind of knew I should have been looking deeper within myself. The biggest part that I need to let go of the outcome and focus on the ‘why’, if we plan to the perceived outcome, we won’t be there and we will be disappointed, where by leaving it to the Universe to guide us each step of the way, we will come to an ongoing outcome that will blow our minds.

During the six days of reading Light is the New Black, I have come to see the light within me crack through the gaps of being that is starting to open life that of a tightly folded rose bud, as each petal slowly opens to then another and another, to where the rose itself is completely open for the bees to collect pollen and for the world to smell the perfume of the rose, and so it continues as the petals fall to the ground the rose bush will continue to bloom new roses buds. This is how I feel about my own life at the moment.

I have gone through so many situations in my life, like I said always searching externally for love, validation and more. Now I can search within my heart and listen to my soul speak to me and share with me the true direction of my purpose in my life. I know that writing is definitely within my centre, teaching is there somewhere, and I am sure in time I will be shown where that will start and lead me. So for now I take each day, making time to write, to read and to listen.

Rise Sister Rise….

When you find yourself in a thousand pieces,

with no idea which bit goes where.


When you have loved and lost. And then lost again.


When your wings have been clipped, spirit dampened and all you hear is a whisper.


When you finally beg for mercy to your calling

but have no idea where to start.


Rise for you, And Rise for me.

For when you rise first you make the path brighter for She.


Book Content:

Part one: Losing Everything Finding Me.

Part two: Turning Your Light On.

Part three: Work Your Light.

Part four: Living in the Light

Part five: Be the Light

The last quote Rebecca uses:





Page 289: One Thing

I love the following paragraph from Rebecca which keeps the motion of moving forward all the more…

Non-negotiable daily spiritual practice is the only way that I have found to do this. Show up to the callings of your soul and the Universe will open its arms to support you.

As I step into each day with an open heart, and new daily practices I too am showing up to my callings of my soul and look forward to the Universe’s support all the way and beyond.

Until next we meet, have a wonderful day….


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