Finding our way back to writing on rainy days.

saturday at king and spoon

Saturday afternoons back to split shifts and with rainy days, good time to sit and write and get a little reading done.

Over the last few weeks I seemed to have left the writer in me back in Northern Ireland holidaying and relaxing. While I was back into the thick of reality and not wanting to be here, but was preferring to be back in NI, taking in the scenery, and being able to float away to dream lands of fictional characters and stories that could be written.

Though yesterday amongst my frustration that it has taken three weeks since returning home from holiday to get back into the rhythm of writing, my fictional novel or my life story, which I am still working out how to go about starting. I summonsed my writer-self back home instantly, and soon I was able to put pen to paper and makeĀ  forward movement in the story line of Blythe, Georgina and Felicia.

Sunday afternoon I sit in my writers den, cup of tea to my left and my German Shepherd sleeping next to me, I can put fingers to the keys and find the slow walk back to writing regularly, with the sound of rain outside, the crackling of the potbelly stove warming the house and feeling somewhat relaxed and mind ready to write.



local creek, while out for our walk

So as the new week starts and as much as I will be busy with life, I will make sure I find the time to sit and write, it might not be everyday, but I will write .


Until next we meet, have a great week…



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