Writing My Life Story

On Friday I was able to head into Perth city centre for business and pleasure, pleasure being able to go into my favourite two bookstores, Boffins Bookshop and Dymocks, with a novel in mind and always a how to book, needed for inspiration and help with my own writing. I initially had a Freelance writing book in mind, then I my eyes came across Patti Miller’s new book, “Writing True Stories”. I have for the past few years wanted to pen my story of my eating disorder, recovery and more. Now I have help in doing this.

I haven’t been able to get my head back into my fictional novel for some time and I am sure in the very near future I will be able to find the link to climb the last part of the story of Blythe, Georgina and Felicia and bringing them all together in Italy and to build new friendships. Though for now I will continue to read Patti Miller’s book, take notes and make notes. I am thinking the best way to start is from now and work my way backwards, wbooks from fridayhich really seems kind of logical, well I think.


It seems time is right for me to write through my memories, thoughts and lessons from the last 36 years from the start of anorexia to today, recovery and knowing that there is so much more to my life, that I don’t even know where it will take me. It will be confronting and there will be further healing that I feel is needed, to understand just how far I have come and how far I have still to go.

Do I have a working title? I think I do; “Goodbye, Farewell and Good Riddance” Years of dying to live. So with my weekend ahead of me, and some well needed reading and writing time, I am excited to learn, understand and heal.

Till we meet again….




2 thoughts on “Writing My Life Story

  1. This is the story that has been floating around me for quite some time, but never could get a grip on where to start, having Patti Miller’s book now will help put the words and emotions into more perspective and how to write it as well. It will be hard, but I am expecting it to be healing.


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