How our characters show us the way…

Over the past few weeks I have not written my manuscript, so with still 78+ thousand words and a target of 110,000 words till I finish the shitty first draft, I have spent the these past weeks drawing, scrolling through Pinterest looking at lots of different things, from interior design and decorating, to storage ideas, to writing tips, recipes, and lots of drawing ideas. I have even spent time drawing myself and learning to relax and enjoy the moments of putting my pencil to paper and letting the creativeness flow.

My third character in my novel has been showing me her future path, and helping me with ideas for the words to the rest of her chapters, and her life in the novel. I have also been able to sit back and see just how much each character has shown me bits of myself in so many ways. This particular novel has stuck with me for the last 18 months since is started writing it, as much as I take time off from tapping my fingers across the keyboard of my laptop, I am forever researching. I am seeing things I wouldn’t have seen or started again if I hadn’t been writing my novel.

I am super excited, in 15 sleeps I will be boarding a plane for New York, before embarking on a cruise on the Queen Mary II ship for a transatlantic journey, then spending time in London, Scotland and Ireland before returning to Perth, Australia. Its interesting as my three characters are from three different parts of the world, Blythe is from England, Georgina from Australia and Felicia from USA. I will be trying to take in so much of the places I visit and learn so much to bring richness to my characters, and to myself in learning so much in a short time.

My manuscript is packed and ready to take on the plane with me, I have my notebook ready to go, pens, pencils and more to be going long haul with me, to write, learn and take in all that surrounds me. So with just a little time to go I am super excited.


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