Building a Character

Over the past couple of weeks I have not added any words to my manuscript, and have hit the skids on writing. I hit 78635 words on 26th April, and nothing since, though I have found myself drawing again after many years of not doing any drawing, painting or anything else like that. Its been lovely to come home from work and relax with my journal, my pencils; both sketch and colour, finding something to copy from Pinterest and letting my mind wonder in a different way.

drawing 1

I have come back to see that I have a structured way of drawing, not very flowy or anything like that, so I would say I am not a natural drawer, but I can draw. My love of gardening has extended to my drawing with lilies, roses, fuchsias and a little whimsy from one of my most favourite folk-art designers/artist; Annie Lang.  Drawing has become a staple in my day, where I can just sit and sketch something that catches my eye and see what I can do and see how I am progressing.

drawing 3

Now here is the thing, I have my third character in my manuscript, whom is an interior decorator and architect, after her beloved husband has passed she is unable to find her way back to architecture, and designing. She finds herself one day with the house completely quiet, herself in her studio at home and starts designing this wonderful home. Her mind runs, her thoughts, her guilt, her worry, her grief. Though she was able to feel at home again drawing. Unsure of whether to continue the business her and husband ran before his death, or to find something else that she can do and enjoy just as much on her own now.  She stumbles across an art class that is being run in town and she decides to attend to see if she likes it, under the pressure from her twin daughters, to try something….which then leads into more of the story.

drawing 4

So what does this have to do with my drawing and writing and building a character? Well, for myself to start drawing again after a long time, I have found for myself something that I am enjoying and can see that art helps to heal, relax, smile, and enjoy more of what you see, as you see things slightly different.  Whether colours are brighter, or if shapes are more defined in your mind, art, drawing for my character will help her to see a new part of her, that she hasn’t seen for such a long time and leads her on a new journey of her own.

I love how my manuscript is unfolding before me, as I have had the beginning and the end, in my mind as I started, and my characters are filling in the middle. My characters are strong women whom have had loss recently in their lives and how they deal with it in their own ways, to then come together, become friends and share a journey as friends and as single women.  I am a married woman with adult children and can see a little bit of myself in each character. I am in awe of how these women take tragedy, and rebuild their lives, and find their inner strength to continue on.

drawing 2


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