The world of a creative is always full, ideas, thoughts, words, colour, descriptions, pictures, photo’s, stories, people, paper, pens, computers, colours, and the list goes on. Our minds are always on the go, never time to stop thinking, designing, working on ideas, and more. How do we as creatives slow our minds down? We do what we love, whether that be writing our stories, designing homes and buildings, decorating, drawing, painting, gardening, teaching, making….when we are amidst the very creative drive that is within us we are the happiest, where we can loss ourselves within our own worlds.


Even going for a walk in the morning, isn’t about just getting fresh air and moving our legs, its a time when ideas come to mind and we are able to quietly contemplate these ideas sent to us from the universe, or where ever you believe those ideas come from. Is there a block of time in the 24 hours of a day that we don’t stop thinking, some would say when we sleep, but how many of us are dreaming, our bodies might be resting, but our minds keep moving. I know for me I dream very vividly and some mornings feel like I haven’t slept.

Some creatives thrive with loud music playing around them, some need the stillness of silence to create. The daily cycle of a creative is so vastly artistic and prolific. The next time you get to watch someone create something watch them, when they work and you will see a place they can go to that is mind blowing, when you see their finished piece.

creativity has thought


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