Second Chances in Life

There are times in our lives where we wouldn’t get a second chance to do things, or redo things from our past. Is that because we don’t allow ourselves that option, or is that because we see it as our past and we shouldn’t be looking back? When I have come to crossroads in my life, like now, I have learnt that there are times when you do need to look back, see just how far you have come, and to even be able to just see that little bit into the future.

Ten years ago my life was only six hours from passing me by. I was lucky as I made it to the hospital in time. Even to this day I remember every part of that day down to each detail, and my week stay in hospital, and understanding just how close I came to leaving earth and my family. I returned home, I would say in ways a different person, but in other ways the same. I stopped taking a lot of things for granted and made the decision to be more active and enjoy my life and find some purpose in it.

I took up martial arts with my kids and husband, until about two to three years later I ended up doing knee damage and had to give it up. Then I followed with Triathlon, which I fell so deeply in love with. I loved the idea of three different sports all wrapped into one. The variation in training and so much more. My goal was to complete the Busselton Half Ironman, which I did in May 2014. Come August 2014 I couldn’t run any more and by October 2015 was told it wouldn’t be going to happen, the running that is. March 2016 was told never to run ever again. Though cycling was a good possibility and definitely swimming.

never let go

Driving back from Busselton Jetty Swim February 2017, I told a friend of just how much I missed triathlon. There was frustration within me as I wouldn’t be able to run the run leg ever again. Every weekend I would look at my road bike and wonder if I should sell her, as I wasn’t going to go back to triathlon again, but there was something inside me that couldn’t let her go, I couldn’t sell her. This past Friday, I had my physiotherapy appointment, and my physio is an awesome guy and knows his stuff, and especially when it comes to sport, and triathlon itself. I asked would it be possible to walk/power walk a half marathon? I was told yes, though some changes would need to be made. I would need to slowly build my walking distances, if there was any sign of foot issues to see him and to stop. He also gave me two little foam pads to attach to my feet where my sesamoid bones are below my big toes (issue areas). Look at some good shoes as the ones I had on were very much well worn (approximately 2900km over a year of wearing.)

I have the go ahead to start training with conditions to be careful and pay attention to how the body goes. So here is where my second chance comes into play. Three years ago, I did my last Triathlon, finished with some bad injuries. This week I have started with some basic fitness building until I got the green light, I now can commence my triathlon training again. I have the big plan of completing Busselton Half Ironman in December 2019, with multiple smaller events from swimming, walking and triathlon before hand.

if you don't go after

The interesting part to what lies ahead of me, is also my attitude to my training. When I trained for Busselton 2014 I was in the start of recovering from anorexia, that I had for more than 30 years. Now that I am recovered I have put conditions on myself for the journey that is ahead of me. If I drop below 56kg, I will not compete. If I do not pay attention to my nutrition I will not compete. If I start to get into a cycle of obsessing I will not compete. This is the new journey to a love with a healthy attitude and out look.

This time round, I have more to balance in my life. I have a full time job, a novel in progress that I don’t want to stop, a great family life and social life. By paying attention to the other aspects of my life and putting my training into what time I have available, is a better balance than putting everything else around my training.

So, second chances can be very positive things in our lives as long as we can see that they are for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. Finding the balance in our lives to allow for second chances is also key. The biggest is enjoying the journey that you take, not the end result, as there could be a chance that, what the big, end result isn’t what you think it will be, when the journey is more than you think it is.

no regrets


2 thoughts on “Second Chances in Life

  1. I’m so glad to hear you’re giving triathlon a go again – and even more so that you’ve put very specific limitations on it to keep you on the right track, and give the other important areas of your life balance.
    I keep hearing so much positivity coming through your posts – writing definitely suits you!


    • Thank you Marie, I have felt comfortable writing over the past few years and am happy to share where I have come from to where I am now. There are times when I wish I knew then what I know now, but as we all know that wouldn’t work as we need to learn from our experiences to be able to know that we have all come a long way in different ways. Like you have with your own writing, and your life experiences.


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