The Moment of AHA

When you have that ‘AHA’ moment, you think, you analyse and then you go “well why not!” Yesterday as I drove to Officeworks for a ‘look’ $30 later, I had a wonderful ‘AHA’ moment. The thought…’instead of running, why not walk a half marathon’, if you can still cycle, why not go back to triathlon?

Lexi ready to rumble

Its been almost three years to the day that I did what I thought would be my last Half Ironman Triathlon. It was the first weekend in May 2014, I had been training for eight months, ready to take on a dream. I had a few niggles with my right foot and calf, but managed to ignore it and take on the dream. Was I really ready for it, looking back now, I shouldn’t have done it. I wasn’t listening to my body hard enough leading in to it, I was listening to my head, and heart about making sure I got to that finish line before the cut off. I came away from the Busselton Half Ironman happy that I finished, though sad, the finish wasn’t what I had pictured. Come August 2014 I had found out I had a repairing calf tear, that had happened prior to the race (more likely to have happened in March 2014), October 2014 was the first real sign there was an issue with my right foot. Fast forward 1st August 2015 a day I remember extremely well. The loss of my grandmother, and the first cortisone injection into the bottom of my right foot, with the hope it would help it heal.


Leaping to January 2016, with weeks till my first tempt of swimming Rottnest Channel (unfortunately 15.5km and ended with hypothermia) with another twelve months which included surgery on right foot, in which my surgeon told me that I wouldn’t be able to run again, walking would be good, and possibly cycling, but NO running!! So with time past and recovery done, and lots of frustration, jealousy and more, I am now looking out through the window of positive thoughts and new but old dreams.

So on returning home from my drive and look at Officeworks, I cleaned my work room up, which is large enough to have my writing area and bike set up on the wind-trainer to make the slow start back to triathlon. With my bike now set and ready to go, I spent the rest of my evening, at my desk, journaling my goals. I have taken a long term goal of Busselton Half Ironman 2019 (December) and broken it all down into smaller pieces. February 2018 Duo Swim Rottnest Channel; August 2018 Half Marathon, City to Surf, Perth; September 2018 The bloody Long Walk, 35km South Perth to Cottesloe Beach. December 2019 Busselton Half Ironman. There is an even bigger dream, though until I can complete the above with no further injuries or problems I won’t bank on the Biggest Event, until I know its more than do-able. If it is, December 2020 will be it.

Believe in yourself


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