Journaling and Learning

In the past few days I have started bullet journaling. I am using a Quill Sketch Book as my journal, something very simple. This is a place where I keep my word counts for when I write my manuscript, thoughts, drawings, ideas and more, a work in progress.

-just-being-me-quotesYesterday while I was writing my manuscript I put three heading on the page of my journal: The Past Me; Me Now; The Future Me. The past me has shown me where I have come from, to the ‘Me Now’ to where I am right now. I also wrote this:




I have come to see that so much of my past that was negative, and at times had positives, but the big one was low confidence, which I felt every day, though I could hide that in showing others that I had more confidence than I really had. Then I look at myself now, I am the happiest I think I have ever been. I am doing the real things that I love, not what I thought I loved.

The part about Bullet Journaling is that its quick, its simple and its effective, in ways that are creative, and open to ones self. It doesn’t have to be perfect, its a safe place that I can put thoughts, whether they are good or bad, happy or sad. I can watch as I reach my goal of 110,000 words for my first draft of my manuscript. I can watch my progression of my drawing, as I have just reunited with my pencils after seven plus years. Its a time in my life that I am enjoying and look forward to see what unfolds.



One thought on “Journaling and Learning

  1. I’ve heard a few people praise the use of bullet journals lately. It was something I put on my to-do list for this year, in fact there’s a note in my in-tray reminding me to look into them.
    Thanks for the reminder to do so!

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