Bringing Past Loves Back

tree of life

Yesterday I had a split shift at work, I had a few hours to sit and either draw, journal, or write my manuscript. With my beloved German Shepherd, Abbie at my feet sleeping, I was able to click away at the keys for a couple of hours an with 1600 words done, I was happy to save and close my manuscript document and head back to work feeling like I have accomplished a little more of my story. I have even started bullet journaling as well, which is interesting as I am able to add some creative thinking with everything that runs through my head, and believe me there is a lot at times.

creative writing novel

I am finding part of my own coming back to drawing, is similar to my character Felicia in my novel, where she has had time away from what she loves to do, and unsure if she should continue with her love, or to let it go and find something else to fill the gap, as the person she spent the most time with doing what she loved was no longer with her, and the loss she felt, was feeding her lack of confidence to carry on. In the past I had such passion for drawing, learning how to, and craft. Though I gave it all up when a business I had, I had to close due to lack of customers and high over heads, and the GFC. It did take a toll on my confidence as I felt like I had failed. It has taken me over seven years to come to this point of being happy to try again. I am not drawing to


mariners compass

Mariners Compass


make money, I am drawing to enjoy the relaxation and the creative outlet. I am even looking to pick up the paint brush again. I remember the days when my children were young and I would sit for hours while they were at school painting (folk art)bears, flowers and so much more. I loved the whimsy of the bears, and so much more. Its time to relive those days of playing. Its time to enjoy being creative and not just with my writing, but seeing I guess from the inside out how my character enjoys getting back to what she truly loves and finding herself again.


abbie and me writing

Abbie sleeping as I write


So here is to finding old loves new again. Have a lovely day.


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