Creative Journey 2017

Tonight for the first time in approximately seven years I have picked up a pencil and started drawing again. I have been contemplating different forms of creativity over the past couple of weeks. I am loving my writing, and now my reunion with drawing. I have looked at doing architecture, but after speaking with a friend of mine who is an architect, I have come to the decision that its not a career path for me. I think I have found where I might need to be. I feel its time to do a bit of playing in interior design and decorating again and also getting back into some drawing and painting again.

creative journey 2017

Looking at what I have done tonight has brought a big smile and feeling of accomplishment for the first time in along time. My novel is a work in progress and will be for some time to come. Going back to interior design is allowing me to do something I have studied before and really do some hands on work with my ideas. Drawing will be my down time, with what ever the universe will make with it.

I wish to spend time nurturing my creativity, in many ways. I will be journaling every day using the technique of bullet journaling which will also allow my creativity to come through as well, I have always journaled most of my life, usually the traditional way, of  writing what ever is on my mind and answering my own questions and doing mind dumps. Doing bullet journaling  will have a more creative flare. I will share some pages as I go.

Until next we meet here. Happy Easter and have a wonderful week.


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