Universal Whispers

With writing my novel, I have slowly, and I mean slowly come to see that the words I have written in my manuscript are starting to be a reality in my own life. Not the story line itself, but the things my characters love and do. I have always believed that the universe will help us through life, and that we are to listen closely, though there are times when we go off on our own tangents thinking its the path we should be following. Then you hit a dead-end and turn around and head back to where you had started. Its doesn’t mean you have wasted time, you have learnt some interesting lessons along the way, but the universe has the right path for you to follow.

Now some will see the path that is the right one for them from the start, others like myself can take 30 plus years before we see our path. Is it the ‘yellow brick road’ we are to follow or is it a different colour? I think mine has been a rainbow of colours, even though I am only just finding certain parts of the path to be amazing and interesting and talk about learning things, and seeing things for what they should be, not what we want to see them for.

The past two days I have spent cleaning (deep clean) my house and rearranging furniture in a couple of rooms (Kitchen, Dining and Family room). My home to me for a long time was just a house to be in and sleep in, I didn’t really feel like it was a home, until recently when I came to realise so much in my life has changed for the positive, and just how much of my characters are parts of my soul coming to life. I have always been creatively minded, I just couldn’t put my finger on the long term creative flame. I studied interior design and decorating in the past and never really took it any further, I have quilted/patchworked, folkart painted, embroidered, drawn, painted, and more. Today I can see a future in my writing and also in interior design and decorating and also designing houses.


I can now sit down to write my third character more deeply now, with some changes made to her past situation which will be a better lead to where she is in her life now. To be able to feel just a part of what she does for her architecture, interior design and decorating business has rubbed off onto myself to look further into study for myself in a reality that is mine, with a twist of Felicia to keep me creatively minded and heading in the right direction.

Interior design

It has taken a little more than a universal whisper for me to see which path is my path, but now that I see it a little clearer, I can start the journey and see what excitement and lessons that will be before me.

Till next we write, have a great week…


2 thoughts on “Universal Whispers

    • Thank you Marie, I am at 77,859 words and with a target of around 110,000, I am not expecting to have said first draft completed before trip OS, but will try with about 5 weeks to go. It is still doable and with the blocks of time I have put in I am happy with how its panning out. Some changes had to be made over the past couple of weeks with a deletion of 2000 words and I have managed to rewrite close to 5000 words. I am almost at a point where I can bring all three characters together which will be exciting and the run to ‘The End’

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