Her World, Part 2

Her world is moving yet again, she feels the slow turn of the universe she is within, her days are the same, her thoughts are different. Her manuscript has come to a stop again. Her third character is still causing some issues, issues of depth, when she thinks, she is starting to understand Felicia, she gets a couple of hundred words written, and then she hits the wall again, Felicia resists letting any more about herself, be know to the writer. The days in her world are becoming cooler and so Summer has truly left the southern hemisphere to head north. Autumn is usually warm this time of year, but 2017 is a strange one for weather changes. The feeling she has for the cooler nights are of warm trackies, ugg-boots, and her trusty german shepherd by her feet as her fingers click along the keys of her laptop.

So her character Felicia, an architect, interior designer, mother to 20 year old twin girls, and divorced. Her life is her job, and she doesn’t quite see her neglect for her daughters as the girls see of her. With a new client and an amazing renovation to design and put everything together for her clients, she is in her element, hard at work, when an email advertising a garden conference to Latina, Italy lands in her in box, not just once but each day when she checks her emails in the morning. Felicia has never really thought of adding anything more to her creative portfolio, and resists the email, until….

So she who writes of this character is finding some points to Felicia to be a little too shallow, so she starts to delve into Felicia’s world of architecture, and interior design through magazines and even thoughts of renovating her own home, in simple and effective ways. She sat at her favourite coffee shop this fine cool morning with her magazines, paper, pencil and ideas and away she went, even with her design not to scale just yet, it was more about getting ideas down; not just in design but in words. So with her weekend starting on Sunday, it will be more reading of architecture magazines and working out ways for her to make Felicia seem more three dimensional, compared to what she is at the moment.

While she spends this time researching, her own mind has conjured up a few ideas for her own future, could she be good enough to design houses herself? and could she study to become an architect? With already studying interior design and decorating in the past, it would be a simple extension to what she already knows. Could this be…When I grow up, I want to be…. even at 40 something she still has time to work out what she wants to be when she grows up, as so much keeps changing, nothing is a given, its a choice and with choices wonderful things can happen. For her its not a matter of finding a new career path, as she loves her job that she has, its finding new ways of fulfilling the creative drive that burns deep with in her.

Her love for writing, and the inner creative that loves the idea of designing houses and decorating them, also playing with garden design as well, will help in building her friendship with Felicia, her understanding of who Felicia is, and her understanding and learning of herself.

Until next we meet, have a wonderful weekend.


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