Having Faith in Oneself.

This past week has been filled with so much of life, but not of writing. I have had this week to think more than to write, I have read every night and let myself dream, both daydreaming and at night. I am a very vivid dreamer at night, and through the day I am able to see certain thoughts in visuals. Gee even writing that sounds strange, but I guess that is just me.

all of our dreams

I have actually enjoyed this past week of thinking. I have allowed myself to be open to my third character for my novel, whom is an architect and interior designer and decorator. I have wrapped myself in Pinterest images of every room I can think of for design and decorating ideas that my character would think to be her style. There has been some days where life has definitely got in the way of my writing, even sitting yesterday at a horse race (Ascot Race course, Perth) I was still able to allow myself to relax and let my character come to the fore-ground of my thoughts and was able to write a few ideas down on my phone, about her. I have been needing more depth to her  and she has played hard to keep her distance from me, though this time has been a good learning experience for myself to be able to coax images and thoughts about her.


After going out this morning (main photo) I have made a decision to put part of my life into words and to write an article and pitch it to a magazine for hopeful publication. I have tried to think of ways to write this particular part of my life, as a memoir, and that might still be down the line. I also thought to make it into a short fiction piece, but I think it might be more important to make it into a magazine article, because I know more and more people of different ages are facing, or have faced disordered eating in their lives or of people they know.  Its time to make more people aware.

I have a fear within to put this out there in writing, but a feeling that its needed. I am currently watching someone I know, finally dealing with their own disordered eating, and what it is doing to people around them; its time. Its time to get completely out of my comfort zone and put my issues, feelings, and experience on paper and see if others agree its time for the wider public to know what its like and why its done.

Tomorrow brings a day of writing; my novel, the start to the article, and to research ways to pitch to magazines. With no-one else but me and my German Shepherd to keep me company as I write and a beautiful day ahead, its time to get a little reading in before some well needed sleep.

Until next time, have a wonderful week, what ever it brings.


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