Author Talk: Deborah Burrows.

Tonight my daughter and I attended an author talk at our local library. I find these evenings very interesting, and as we are both aspiring writers we like to get to as many author talks as we can.

Tonight we listened to Deborah Burrows, author of Ambulance Girls (genre: Historical fiction), I had read about Deborah before tonight, finding out she is a lawyer by day and writer by night. A Perth girl, with a love for Oxford as well (lived there 2014-16). Listening to her tonight you can see and hear her love for history especially World War II.


Deborah started the talk with the sound, of what we would have heard every night during the London Blitz, the warning sirens, the planes coming over, the gun shots from the ground to the bombs being dropped. We were asked to close our eyes and really listen to the sounds. For me the sounds were scary, intimidating and we were only listening to a recording and its 2017, not 1940. I loved how Deborah spoke of her main character, Lily (Australian),  you could see in her eyes the awe Deborah had  for her,  her tenacity, her courage and strength. Deborah drew you into the statistics of the London Blitz, which were amazing and scary to hear. Ambulance Girls will definitely be a book that will be on my to read list and to make its forever home on my book shelf, very soon.

I took away from tonight’s talk, the depth of her character, Deborah’s love for her character, and the history that it is set. As an aspiring writer, spending time listening to authors talk is of such necessity for learning and understanding for myself and my own writing. With a couple of tips taken and notes made, I look forward to continued pursuit of my own first novel, and a historical fiction myself.

Until next time, have a wonderful night.


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