I am working on my manuscript, and my third main character of said manuscript, just wouldn’t lend herself to talking with me as deeply as I needed her to. Then I hit a wall as I was writing today. There seems not enough depth to her was going over and over in my mind. She wasn’t talking to me as much as the other two main characters had. I understand she is an introvert and not overly talkative, but after 3 hours and 1300 words I stopped. After another hour of not writing, and going back to work, I paced around, and then sat down with pen and paper to see if I could write something that would fit better about her into the story line. I started with her career that she had, the relationship with her twins, and then it hit me…

I started to see an angle I hadn’t seen earlier in the day to where this character could have the depth that I was looking for. I have seen, with her career as it is such an important part of her life, that she can expand on it and see where her relationship with her girls has strained. I have to say that it was so much easier writing my other two characters than this particular one, even though I know where she leads to, to meet with the other main characters, its still not as easy as I thought it might have been. For me, and like I mentioned to someone at work tonight (who knows that I am writing) said that the characters need to speak to you, not you speak for them in the physical sense of the words that you want them to say and do, but its actually the characters that you embody, and they do talk to you as you write their words. As much as this sounds somewhat weird it has become my truth with the way I write.

Lessons learnt today, for when characters aren’t playing nice, pen and paper will help bring the necessary new angles to add depth to them allowing the writer to feel more of the character than tapping on the keys to no avail. Characters will let you know when they are ready to tell the story, and teach you patience as well. Oh and over thinking the situation that is causing the frustration won’t help either.

So with luck tomorrow night after work, I will be able to sit and chat with my character at length and in depth about her situations to help move the story along. I can see the last quarter of the novel is close insight and how I tie the three main characters together, which to me is exciting as I draw nearer to the time when I can write “The End” on my first draft of my very first novel.


2 thoughts on “Characters

  1. The coolest thing I learned when writing my novel was that your characters will argue with you. Sometimes its damn near impossible to make them do something they don’t want to do. And thats so awesome! I think in a weird way, you have to work with your characters, understand how they tick and what they would realistically do in a given situation. Its actually a lot of fun for me to work with my characters and almost being in a dialogue of ‘okay so what would you do in this situation’ and going from there.
    Good luck with them going forward xx

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