Words, Words and more words.

Words, words, words, they have been flowing like a river that has broken it banks in a rain storm. Before this week I have had issues with so called writers block (I am currently reading Writing The Dream; A Serenity Press Anthology, where Jennifer Scoullar shares her opinion on writers block and I agree with what she says, ‘Its vital to keep reading, in and out of your genre, fiction and non-fiction. Reading fills up the creative well, and is just the tonic of a mild case of writer’s block. (I don’t believe in writer’s block per se. It is a malady that generally strikes when you’ve written yourself into a corner, and don’t know where the story is going next.’ When I read this the other night I looked back on the three weeks that I felt like I couldn’t write, but its wasn’t that I didn’t have any words, I did, I had hit a dead end in the story and couldn’t maneuver my characters in the way I wanted to. I also had a fair amount of everyday stress happening in my life as well, which I know can put a holt to any writing at during that time.

writing the dream

Well low and behold this past week, I have managed to spend the last six days writing, and making it a necessary part of my day. Monday 13th March I had a day off of work (my weekend) I got bits of time to sit at my desk, slowly the words came, not all in a hurry, but they trickled out onto the screen of my laptop. My total word count for Monday was 475. Tuesday back to my work routine, nothing much really happened during the day, though I could feel and see parts of my story continuing in my mind and was eager to get home and start writing. Nine o’clock I sit at my desk and the flood gates cracked 1111 words done in about an hour and a half and I was ready for bed and some reading to finish my night. Wednesday, a long day at work, feeling tired by the time I got home at 9:30pm I managed just under and hour to write, 243 words came to meet me. Thursday; a busy yet frustrating day had at work, though I made up for it at home with 630 words added and feeling good. The story was moving forward and I was feeling confident that I would have a good finish to the week. Friday an early start to a longer day as per usual. A good day had at work and feeling continuity from last nights writing, I was still on a roll with another 665 words in the manuscript bank account. Saturday, my favourite day, I start work at 8:30am I have a break from 12:30pm till 4:45pm where I can sit in my favourite café next to work, have great food, awesome coffee and write my day away, before going back to work for the rest of my shift. I was exhausted by the time I finished my writing, banking an awesome 2760 words for the day. I was ecstatic to have a balance of 5884 words for the week and the best part was I hit another milestone and clocked just over 70,000 words.

Sunday I have decided at this point to have a bit of a rest from my manuscript, and up date my blog, spend some time in the garden, maybe do a bit of research and really relax, though I think a little bit of writing tonight might be a good thing, keep the words flowing and the motion of moving my story forward, as I have 10 weeks, to have the first draft completed in, before resting her while I am away on holidays. It might be a good time to write my synopsis for my novel, that way I have part of the next phase started, as I managed to research publishers and what is needed once I get to the point of pitching my novel.


Writing for me has become a lesson on life, patience in writing the story, patience when it comes to editing, patience when pitching and waiting for responses from publishers or agents. I have never really had a lot of patience growing up and going through life, now writing is teaching me that patience is a good thing, even though it can be frustrating at the same time.



Until next we meet, have a great week that is to come.


2 thoughts on “Words, Words and more words.

  1. Thank you Marie, “Writing the Dream” has helped, though the biggest help was when I attended a funeral for one of our best customers from work, he committed suicide at the age of 33. He had a tough life, but such a nice person and is missed by us all at work. It put me in the mind set that life is very short and we need to reach for our dreams, and take each day as it comes and make the time to build our dreams. This is what I am now doing.


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