With just 11 weeks tomorrow, I fly from Perth to the other side of the world, and in nine weeks I turn 46 years old, on the 14th May, which is also Mother’s Day here, plus it will be my turn to work the Sunday. I now have between 9 – 11 weeks to get my ‘shitty’ first draft done, as originally I wanted to have my first draft completely by my birthday, but I don’t quite thing that will happen, as I know there are going to be some long days at work coming my way between now and the time I step foot on the plane at Perth International Airport.

Currently I have banked 65,609 words, I have a target of 100,000 words to get done before either my birthday or my trip. My reasoning for this time frame is that I can leave said ‘shitty first draft’ at home and I can start editing once I return from my trip, with fresh eyes and mind. Plus with part of my trip I am going to be in London (part of the setting of novel), Scotland and Ireland, that being in these locations I might get a little more insight into the place that part of my novel is set.

So here is my break down, over the next 11 weeks I need to have banked 3,127 words per week, which equals 1,043 words per 3 writing sessions per week, which is more than do-able, though hard part, is booking in the time in my calendar to make sure I get these words down. Most of the last part of the novel is planned out and bits are already hand written, just a matter of putting fingers to computer keys and getting them on the screen and filling in the necessary gaps.

Next goal on the return of my trip, will be to get ‘shitty first draft’ edited and first rewrite done within the first month back (July). Second edit and rewrite I hope to have done in August and if I am lucky enough and feel that its ready, to have the opportunity to pitch to some publishers at a Writers Conference in Rockingham on the 16th September, though if it isn’t ready I will work further on the manuscript and hopefully have it ready for submission by January 2018.

Also sitting in my mind and note book, a trilogy, genre I am looking at is historical fiction for these little beauties, which I am really looking forward to researching and writing. Maybe with my up coming trip to Ireland I could start my research early and possibly look at some places for a setting…mind working in over drive already. So many ideas can run through my mind, but its the ones that truly stick, where I see the story in my mind multiple times, that these are the ones I feel that need to be written.

My question tonight is, how do you know which book ideas to write and which ones not to?

Have a great week that is a head of us all.


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