The Week Ahead…

Right it has worked, I have had writers block for about 2-3 weeks, which has caused some serious frustration on top of general life frustrations. So decision was made on Friday to have my manuscript to date printed out. Thankfully my daughter has her drivers licence and headed to our closest Officeworks to get it printed and a nice new blue display file to put it all in, while I was busy at work. As said in previous post ‘The Week That Was’ I sat on my break for my split shift at work in the café next to work, put the pages into my file and read through the last four pages to reground myself in my story and where I could move on in the right direction. I sat with pen and paper and wrote every scene that was coming to mind. I managed to get to what will be the last chapter that still needs to be planned with the words ‘The End’.

I still had Sunday to get through at work (9 hour shift on my own. Retail), in hot and humid conditions. I was eager to make a start with the words again, to make another big dent into the 100,000+ final word target for said first manuscript of ‘Blue Rose Cottage’. I had my main character all worked out, it has been the two secondary characters that have been harder to work on. I finished work on Sunday night at 7pm, eager to get home, but made sure I didn’t start any writing as I was going to need to be in bed early as I had a 2.5 kilometre open water swim ahead of me in the morning.

Swim was excellent the freshness of the salt water and the cool temperature helped me steady my mind ready for an afternoon of writing. Home from the swim, body was aching and muscles hot (love the feeling of lactic acid in muscles), feeling tired as I hadn’t slept as well as I intended due to high humidity, and making sure I wouldn’t sleep in. Time to open the laptop, open Outlook, open Facebook, and open my Word doc to keep going. Well it wasn’t as easy as I expected, feeling tired, I think was more the issue than anything else, though by the evening 6:30pm I had 463 words added. I decided to head for bed and get a good night sleep…7:30pm out like a light.

Tuesday (today), I dropped my husband at the train station, came home after having a coffee at favourite café. I had one writing buddy laying on the floor by my feet, and the curtains open to see my garden. The words started, and they flowed better today, and even tonight, once I finish my post I will return for a few more paragraphs. So far today my word count is…873. Writer’s Block is now gone, printing and planning has made all the difference, now back on track for another day tomorrow of writing.

I know we all write differently, though writer’s block is a common thing (I guess, I always hear that most writers at some point will get it), I found that when my home/work life was getting too hard, I would end up with writers block to go with it. I was 63000 words in I knew I could write, I would sit at the computer, but nothing, not a single syllable would come forth and start the roll. I guess by printing out what I had done (all 63,000 words/80+ A4 pages) and allow myself the time to reread a few of the last pages written, to fall back into the story and revive the imagination. The bonus and excitement was also in seeing just how much I had actually written over the last ten months. There is definitely some changes that will need to be made when editing which is another part of the writing process I am really looking forward to.

Then we will get to Thursday, back to work, bonus is I only have a 3 day week before my next weekend on Sunday and Monday, to be back in the writers seat. I am allowing myself the days that I work (I start my shift at midday and finish and get home by 8:45pm), if I don’t get words down, then its alright and I shouldn’t put the extra pressure on myself, or the block might just start again, and I definitely don’t want that. The other part that keeps me going and I hang out for is my favourite podcast “So You Want To Be A Writer” with Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait. Every Thursday I listen, laugh and learn so much from these two lovely ladies and the authors that they interview each week.

Friday another day at work, which then leads to Saturday a split shift and I get an awesome 4 hours of writing to be had in the café next to work, before going back to serve my awesome customers as they pick their favourite alcoholic beverage of choice for the evening or weekend. Then bring on Sunday coffee and well nothing more than the rest of the day to write. So Sunday and Monday being my weekend I have Monday to myself with my adorable German Shepherd puppy by my feet to keep me company. It looks like a great week ahead.

writers with dogs

Until next time, have an awesome week….


2 thoughts on “The Week Ahead…

  1. I’m glad you came up with a great way to cure your writers block and keep you on track! I might have to borrow that idea sometime!
    And isn’t it great that the podcast now has minisodes for us die-hard fans!

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  2. You are more than welcome to borrow the unblocking tactics anytime. I have already listened to this weeks main podcast and last weekends minisode as well, now got to wait till this weekend for the next minisode. I have started listening to some of the old podcasts as well. I have started reading ‘The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul’ by Deborah Rodrigues, mainly for learning purposes and the story itself. As there are some similarity between her story and mine, so I am looking at the ways she ties her 5 characters into each other and how she breaks the story into chapters as well.


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