The Week that was…


Take from ABC News Facebook

So the week that was this week, with still two days to go. All I can really say is…Hot, Stormy, Humid, Grumpy, Grumpy, Hot, Frustrated, Writers Block, Reading, Book Review, Instagram, Procrastination, more Frustration…and the list goes on. Life’s stresses got a little too much this week and my writing has not happened, so at this point I am behind on my goal of having first draft done by 14th May, unless I put my head down, bum up and spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of my long weekend writing and “NO” procrastination allowed.

I have a plan…a cunning plan….

Check list:
* Snack food.
* drinks (non alcoholic…preferably watermelon cordial).
* writing buddy (2 year old German Shepherd, named Abbie).
* first 80+ pages printed (hard copy) to help me keep to where I need to be.
* peace and quiet and no interruptions
* No Facebook, Instagram allowed for proof of working on novel.
* Word count, as many as I can possibly get done in 3 days.

Well that should do it. I am planning for starting time on Monday at 12 noon as I have a 2.5km open water swim at Leighton Beach to attend and accomplish as well. It should freshen the soul and help open the mind to the words that I need to write. It is onwards and upwards from a couple of weeks of writers block and frustration as well. Just need to get back into the swing and all will be good again.

Just before I say goodnight, here is another photo from ABC News from the storms over Perth on Wednesday night. Have a great weekend everyone.

ABC storms-1.jpg


2 thoughts on “The Week that was…

  1. Me too, the words are slowing making their way to the keyboard. There is so much I want to be doing, writing, gardening and rearranging my ‘writers den’ again, the window is causing too much procrastination and distraction. That will be Wednesdays job, as today and tomorrow I, Write!!


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