The Week of Procrastination.

Jeepers when procrastination takes hold, its like a goanna that just holds on with everything it has. This past week has been nothing than the world of procrastination and life situations getting in the way of writing.

Son, needs a laptop for University, and I am having to give my beloved laptop to him. Which has lead me to researching new laptops, and cost wise it will be a little while before I will get a new one for myself. So I have started by putting OneNote onto my work iPad, and as it is only in a ‘read only’ mode I will have to take the following step…Pen and paper. I can work that way for the time being, and there is something a little whimsy about hand writing a novel, the ‘old fashioned’ way. This is how I actually started writing my first draft for my manuscript. I guess it is fitting that I will finish the manuscript the same way, and then type it up on my husbands desk top computer in a word doc.

So what else have I been procrastinating over, well lets put it this way. I have a full time job, and I was working extra hours. I actually sat and watched kookaburra in one of our gum trees for a while yesterday, the constant interruptions of family wanting my attention for something, and I got to go and watch my beloved Perth Wildcats play their first game for the grand final series, which I can happily say we won, it was an awesome game to watch. Then when I got home I was having to help with dinner, then do the dishes and well by that time my temper was fraying very quickly and I put myself to bed. So I can say last week was a writers, write off.

So to a new week. As I can’t do too much about my job, I will make sure I get as much writing done this week to make up for last week, though I have my back yard garden calling to me through my window…”come and play with us” I have to plant out some new bougainvillea’s later today, after I return from a seminar with Candice Fox, which I am really looking forward to seeing.

Ok have just returned from seeing Candice Fox, author of Never Never (co-authored with James Patterson), Crimson Lake (latest release) and other titles. She is hilarious, such a beautiful and down to earth person. Her story of her childhood and how she came to be a writer even in the early years of her life. Its interesting to listen to published authors about where they started and how many times they got rejection letters, the way they collect ideas and inspiration for their novels. Its given me a fresh dash of inspiration for my own writing. Even on the drive down to the Kelmscott Library I got a visual and base for a number of books with a particular theme, but with different inner stories. Now with time I will be able to write, write and write some more.

So less procrastination and more writing ahead, with a fresh new look on things.

Until next time….oh and I only have to give up my laptop for a couple of weeks….Yay…happy me.


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