Come to a trickle

Frustration…when you want the words for your first draft to flow, even gently, not gushing out, but just enough to stay with the story, the world has other ideas. The flow of words has come to just a little trickle, like if you turn the tap completely off, but the water just drips out of the tap. This is where I am at.

I have not had my normal ‘working week’. Just one day off so far for my weekend (Monday), usually I have Tuesday off if I work a Sunday, but not this week. Tuesday (yesterday) ended up being a 12 hour day at work, then yesterday at a course and then back to work, so about another 12 hour day, which included travel. Today saw a normal 8 hour day and then Friday the other part of my weekend for this week before I get back to a split shift for Saturday. I just feel my flow of words, but they are just not there.

I want to write I have a target number of words to reach each week, but its not happening, well not this week, it seems so many distractions are happening and I am just not able to sit in peace and let myself wonder off into my story. I really just need a day to myself in my home with no one else around, other than my beautiful german shepherd Abbie to keep me company. Hopefully that will come on Monday when I have my family members either at university or at work and the house to myself.

Since I have started writing my first novel, last year, I have craved the time alone to write. I procrastinate I am sure with the best of them, but there are those days and times where I can sit at the computer, fall in to my story and the words flow with ease, this is where I wish to return to. I guess as my weekends come back to some normality after Saturday.

So tonight I won’t write, I will crawl into my bed with my book “The Lovely Bones” and read, after a day of sad news and emotions running high among colleagues. So a good sleep ahead (I hope) and an afternoon tomorrow of solid writing.

Until next time, have a great day…


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