The Writers Den…

The last few weeks I keep coming back to Google Images looking at design ideas for home offices. There is something that I find highly attractive when it comes to office space. The desks, chairs, bookshelves, accessories and so on. I guess as a child I loved my desk and furniture in my bedroom, I had a corner desk with a shelving hutch, stand alone wardrobe, that had the double doors and two draws under the cupboards and a single robe that had a smaller cupboard space and more smaller drawers and a small chest of drawers for all my ‘stuff’. I would sit at my desk and do homework or just ponder life and what I wanted to do when I finished school, I guess my room was my sanctuary .

These days I am lucky to have a large room in my house that I can call my ‘writers den’. Its only recently that I have cleaned it all up, thrown a lot of rubbish out and really made it a piece of me. I sit at my desk every day, its large, long and tall. Made from pine and MDF, sturdy and solid. The right hand end faces the larger window of the room, leaning back out to the centre of the room, which allows me to sit and have a view of my back garden (another work in progress). I have a cube bookshelf now full of books on many different subjects and genres. I have two road bicycles, a couple of pine shelves with other ‘bits’ on them. I like it, its more like me these days, definitely a work in progress.

So why do I still look at images on home offices? Well, as someone who did an interior design and decorating course many years ago, I still love looking and finding new ideas and ways to do things. I have recently spent time drawing up my ideas for my 20 year old daughters room. As a writer and aspiring secondary English teacher, she needs a room that is her space, but creative as well, and hold all her ‘stuff’ and there is a lot of her ‘stuff’. Also having a husband that is very handy in the ‘Shed’ making fine furniture as a hobby and small business I can get him to make my design come to life, well I hope so.

I love storage ideas, containers, boxes, shelves, and the list goes on. Style wise I like modern though I have a love for country and old world as well. So really all styles, as long as they are functional. My own writers den has a lot more work to do to it. I look forward to finding more interesting ideas for storage, you can never have too much storage…

I guess my question tonight is; where in your home is your ‘writers den’ or home office and what would you like your writer’s den to look like if you could design and have what ever furniture you wanted?

Till next time have a great day…


One thought on “The Writers Den…

  1. It’s great to see a pic of the desk you told me about.
    And yes – storage. I agree – you can never have too much of it!
    We live in a 1930’s house, so it has an old, formal dining room off the kitchen. This is my ‘writer’s den’. Well, one that I share with the kids. Loaded with craft and stationery – and the computer and my writing ‘stuff’, it gets used far more than a formal dining room ever would!

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