With four days into my working week (full time retail manager), frustration, tiredness, over summer, and just want the time to write has really kicked in this week, especially today.

Last night while writing my manuscript I got 256 words done then realised I needed a diagram of the house renovations that are happening in my novel to allow me the visual to write, but the universe was not helping, as well as I wanted and yes I was tired after returning home from work at 8:45pm and was trying hard to draw still at 9:45pm. I got part of it done, but still wasn’t happy, though needed to get to bed. Well while in the shower and this happens regularly these days, letting the water run over me and allowing my mind to clear, any new ideas had a clear pathway to my mind, and made themselves known.

I was thinking the base idea to my novel needed a slight change, and when I say slight, I mean almost of full 180 degree turn. All good though as it will make the story itself better. So quickly getting out of the shower and into my PJ’s it was then time to grab my note book and head into the lounge room to write the notes that were swirling around in my mind. I knew if I didn’t, I wouldn’t sleep and I really needed a good night of sleep and rest.

Now comes the time between drawing part of the scene, and writing it to get the story moving again, plus researching the new twist on the base line to have ready for first edit and rewrite to come. My break between my split shift at work tomorrow will be busy trying to sort my drawing and furthering the story.


I am happy though to see on my calendar three days of writing this week with a total of 1349 words so far for the week, with a target of about 2900 each week for the next 13 or so weeks. The plan is to have my ‘shitty’ first draft done by the 14th May, (my 46th Birthday and Mother’s Day).

My question for tonight: Is there any particular strange places where ideas for your writing come you??

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “AAARRGH…

    • I have been lucky when it comes to dreams that I don’t tend to wake up during them, though some I have managed to write down the details first thing in the morning, I just seem to get good visuals when I am in the shower, I guess when I am most relaxed.


  1. There’s nothing quite like a change in direction when you’re writing novel – I’m sure there will be many more before you’re finished! It keeps the writing interesting.
    A lot of my ideas come while I’m walking or driving.

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