As Writers Should We Journal?

Before picking up a pen to start writing my first fictional novel, I would journal, I did for a very long time, though it would happen in spits and spats at different times in my life. I have many journals that I use, and as time has on over the last twelve to eighteen months I have written my thoughts down in my journal, and as I was penning my thoughts, parts of the current story I am writing would end up on the page. I guess more recently my thoughts have allowed my mind to be clear enough for the story to come forward and on to paper.

I have written in my darkest times, and my happiest, I have books on how to journal, and exercises on helping you to journal and even how to make creative journals. During my last space of journaling time I was reading Stephanie Dowrick’s book Creative Journal Writing, the art and heart of reflection. On the back cover of the book a C. Day Lewis quote, ‘We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand.’ This is so very true. Though at times I guess we think it is for others to understand us, though I am learning very quickly we write whether it is journaling, writing fiction, or even non fiction to understand ourselves and the world that is around us and even within us.

The novels, stories, non fictions we write are our souls showing us there is more to us, than we and the world sees. During the same time as reading Stephanie Dowrick’s book I was also reading ‘Rising Strong’ by Brene Brown and loved her quotes on the pages of the book, one in particular that stands out for me as an aspiring writer is ‘We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands’ this is more than true for writers and artists of all sorts. Just like the lolly, we are layers of sweet soft sugar between firm dark layers of liquorice.


So my question for today is; Do you journal as well?

Until next time, have a wonderful day….


3 thoughts on “As Writers Should We Journal?

  1. No, I don’t journal. Maybe it has something to do with feeling shame and embarrassment after my only attempt of keeping a diary as a young girl was read and laughed at by family members. It doesn’t hold that appeal for me, although I do find writing very cathartic – just nothing that resembles a diary in any way!

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    • Marie I understand how you feel about Journaling, though I use it at different times even now when I feel blocked I will do a mind dump and hope that by the time I have done that I am clear enough to start writing on my manuscripts. How do you do your mind dumps if you do?


  2. I don’t journal either. I used to keep a diary when I was younger but that was pretty much a list of boys I liked 😊
    I tend to stare into space before I write and walk around the house if I feel blocked.
    I’ve heard that journalling or “Morning pages” or free writing is a good way to get your writing flowing. It sounds like it’s working well for you.

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