Weekend = Writing Time

Part 1:

Sunday 5th February 2017, I had set myself the target of 1500 words for the day moving the story forward. I have spent the last 4-5 hours trying to get the words down. Lets talk about procrastination for a moment. Have heard of an author (Allison Tait) that calls her puppy, Procrasty Pup, well I don’t quite have that as much as I have a beautiful 2 year old German Shepherd in my house that keeps me entertained, though usually when I am writing she sleeps. Though my issue is my garden. The photo I have above is my view from my desk. As it is a work in progress, I have birds land on my bird bath and bathe themselves, bees that drink from the bird bath that I see in the sunshine. Plus my thoughts on what other plants I need to get to fill in gaps, what plant is best for shaded areas and open sunny spots.

Good news is I did it. It might have taken longer than I first anticipated, but I got my 1500 word count target, the plus is I actually past it as well…with a total for today of 1684 plus the other added bonus is I designed from my mind the floor plans of one of my characters homes, so I can stay on track with the story and her home. So I am a little chuffed with myself to being able to do the floor plan as it has been a very long time since I have drawn one, even though its not to scale, it suits my characters personality.


So with the design done I will be able to move further tomorrow on the novel and know which direction I am to write in, and another 1500 – 2000 words.

Part 2: Monday 6th February 2017

Happy days…I have had a great day, caught up with a good friend and had lunch at my favourite book cafĂ©, discussing our past couple of weeks of writing, procrastination (me), workshops (Marie), family and where we are at with our writing projects. With a new book in hand “Jane Eyre” Charlotte Bronte, a full stomach, I drove back to the hills of Perth from the stunning City scape that was Perth and the Swan River. On my drive home I had no music on in the car and by half way home, had a new idea for a new story. Yep the ‘new story voices’ were having a chat with me. (yes I am very strange).

On returning home, I switched my computer on, though didn’t actually start on my word count straight away on my novel, instead the new story idea that I was chatting to myself about on the way home, was penned and tucked away for another day. Then on to the job at hand. Target 1500 – 2000 words with a shorter time period than yesterday.

No dilly-dallying around today, fingers to the keyboard keys and lets fly with words. And way I went. A couple of stops along the way to check the phone for messages, though I was strong enough not to have Facebook open on my computer to deter me from my writing. In a matter of a couple of hours I had two things accomplished…1554 words and a total of 60,016 words so far on my first manuscript. Now the big target is to have the shitty first draft completed in the next 14 weeks, which means a break down of 2858 words per week, which is more than doable. So with little word count targets for each night I write the quicker it will happen.

Till next time have an awesome week…


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