My Weekend Starts Now:

I thought I would start with a little trivia tonight:

The number 7 is a very magickal number, and is considered sacred in many traditions. You may sometimes see the points on the star labeled as follows: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Above, Below, Within. 

I have had a fascination with stars for a long time, and especially recently and for some reason the 7 pointed star is my favourite. I believe in the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the Above and Below. We all see things so differently and have different beliefs. I am a believer in Angels, spirits, and that dreams mean more than just being a dream. I have seen, I have heard. Its an interesting feeling and sensation and it helps me with my writing and other aspects of my life.

Ok now on to what is a head of me this weekend. So my goal is to spend tomorrow afternoon writing my novel and with a word count target of 1500 words. I am sure once I get moving with it again, the words will flow, (well I hope so.) Then time for some more reading, as I have a new book, oh yes we all know what that feeling of excitement is when a new book arrives in the mail. This one is not a novel, but a non fiction, about magazine article writing. An area of interest to myself, and even just starting it today has prompted some great writing ideas.


I took this photo this morning before I started work. I walked to my favourite coffee shop that is right next door to my place of work (love the coffee), so with my much needed morning kick start cuppa and a half an hour to read, it was great to relax into the start of another working day for me, though this one is a split shift that also included a swim during my break. So with ideas already rolling around in my mind and yes they are all written down in my notes on my phone, I have more work ahead of me that is going to be super interesting as it is an area different to writing fiction, though just as interesting and exciting to learn about.

In the beginning of the book it says “Write what you know–or what you want to know.” This statement alone which I have heard many times just opened up a door or ideas that I didn’t think before would be interesting to write about, but looking at them now in a different light, makes it all more interesting to myself and I hope one day to others.

Monday is my (Sunday), and usually a day to catch up with friends and have coffee, yes I love coffee, and learn from other writers (Marie). Plus getting some much needed rest and yep, writing, which my work count target will be another 1500 – 2000 words for my novel.

So with my weekend planned out and fingers crossed for no interruptions. I will bid you all a good night and will up date on Monday night to how it has all been. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend as well no matter what you are doing.

Till next time…


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