The need for silence is different for everyone. I am needing more and more silence in my life. The need to have noise around me all the time is no longer, the sound of the radio when I drive, yep, no thank you, I would rather the peaceful hum of the car engine, and the availability to listen to my soul and the universe, to hearing possible new ideas and more. The tone of certain music grinds me at the moment and I find it hard to keep an even temper.

I love my family and friends, but it seems more and more I need to be alone. I need to be able to retract in to myself and my thoughts. I am currently redesigning my back yard to allow the space to be a more tranquil garden that allows me to sit in amongst the trees and plants to listen to the birds and watch the world sweep past me. Wrapping myself up in my writing of my novel, my memoir, and even with the view of looking into a course in freelance writing, I just wish more and more for my space and silence.

The song, “Sound Of Silence” is always one that I hold close to my heart from the original by Simon and Garfunkel, and my favourite version by Disturbed. The first verse just says it all, that is with in me at this point of my journey.

Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains within the Sound of Silence.

Over the past week I have come to learn more about myself and the direction of my path in life. From reading, writing, the things that unsettle me and block me with my writing, and even the dreams that I have had very recently. I am a true believer that dreams that we have, is the universe showing us ways in which we need to head within our waking lives. As long as we see what the dreams are showing us, not as literal meanings of what we see, but how we interpret them within what is happening with in our waking lives we are guided to amazing experiences that with noise we might not have seen.

The more we fill ourselves with the noise of all that is around us, we don’t have the access to hear the universe and our own soul speaking with us. I want to take more time to be able to listen to them both to live a life that is full of excitement in the activities I am supposed to be doing in my life, its only taken me 35 years to come to this conclusion, and the more I come to hear and see the more I want to be in a world where I have my own space that is silent from the outside world noise, but filled with natures songs, whispers and conversations.


Till next time, enjoy your day…


One thought on “Silence…

  1. This felt like one of the longest school holidays so far. The kids were mostly well behaved. We had some nice outings. We had our ‘screen time’ at home where we all did what we needed to with technology (I can’t very well sit at the computer writing and telling them that they can’t!) But I think it was the silence I missed. The time during the day where it’s only me. Silence. Lovely post.

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