Holidays are done….

Well its time to get back to work and back to ‘normal’ life. I didn’t make the target of 20,000 words, though you know what I learnt things this week about myself, which is great. I find certain people seem to block me when writing, and I know they don’t mean to, but it happens. I started my memoir piece all over again for the third time. I searched and found a course I wish to do later this year, when I return from my overseas holiday.

I am feeling more grounded as a writer. If I wasn’t writing over these past eight days I was busy reading or letting my imagination run and letting it go in all different directions. Which it landed in the world of my garden and designing it further, we touched down for a little while in the world of interior design and decorating, I spent more time in the airport of freelance writing, checking out the arrivals and departures of courses, and books with destinations to peer into for my future in writing. So I would say it has been eight days of enjoying ‘me’ time and finding more of myself and remembering the things I love so much in life.

So why the image of a bridge, well as we come to a block in our road, we can either try and wade our way through the roughness of the issues, or we can take the more gentle approach and walk calmly over the block and into new territory and ways to over come the block that is now behind us and learn new ways of dealing with similar issues in the future. With routine coming back into play as of today, I shall be home tonight to tap away on the keyboard of either my novel or my memoir, which ever the emotions roll towards. I still have a dead-line for my novels first draft to be completely by and its still in reach.

Till next time, enjoy your day….


2 thoughts on “Holidays are done….

  1. It sounds like you made great progress with your writing this week, even if you didn’t make the target word count.
    I like your reference to the bridge, and walking gently over it rather than wading through the roughness of the issues. The ‘outlook’ would be better too!
    The course you want to do later in the year sounds interesting, what is it?


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