Direction Change

Well its day 7 or my 8 days holiday, and I hit a bump in the writers road. I was doing so well on my novel manuscript, then come Thursday it was Australia Day, everyone was home and I couldn’t get the words flowing. I was being disrupted by everyone around me. So I decided that you know what, its better not to push the words too hard, and take the day off to do something else. Well with it being the second day of near 40 Degrees Celsius, what ever I was going to do had to be done inside. So 2 blog posts it was, that’s what was running through my mind at the time.

Now its Sunday and I am back to work on Tuesday. I haven’t done any more work on my fictional manuscript, hopefully that will be tomorrow. What I have managed is 1334 words to my memoir, which I am currently unsure if it will be short and sweet or longer, a work in progress one would say. Its a period in my life that has been exceptionally hard to deal with and over come. Disordered eating has 2 spectrums, you can either starve yourself or you can over eat. For me it was a matter of starving from as young as 10 years old, and not coming to the realisation until I reached 41, when I went searching for help to gain some weight as I wanted to do triathlon in a big way.

A Memoir: by Hayley Glasson

You crept into my life at the age of ten, and stayed quiet but effective until the realisation of needing help, then it was a war of the minds to overcome you and say goodbye for ever, and hello to the real me, and a healthy me, that would be able to live without you.

I was hit by these words yesterday, and was able to get them written down, as the opening to my memoir, thought I would share this with you all. As a work in progress it will be what it will.

Till next time….


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