The Creative Mind…

The creative mind, a place that not everyone can go to. Some have the most amazing minds that create the most amazing artworks, books, sculptures, buildings, interiors, and the list goes on and on. For some I am sure it comes naturally like being born with it, others I guess like me have to learn to find it, even if its been there for ever and just not seen.

How many have both sides of the spectrum, practical minded, logical minded, and also creative? Can one be both, or just one? Can one change from left to right, or visa versa? Can one teach oneself to be creative, or does it come from deeper with in? So many questions…

Are ‘creatives’ seen as introverts or can they be extraverts as well? See more questions…I find myself when creativity strikes I need a space, a space where the mind can quieten to allow for the creative lines to connect and spark thoughts, words, images, and dreams. I have a love for furniture, interior decorating and design, writing, painting, colour, nature, gardening, and more. I find I can get lost for hours looking in a furniture shop, or online looking at decorating images for ideas. I can visualise different layouts. I remember clearly doing my interior design and decorating course, and sitting in my dinning room writing the answers to the questions set, with very little reference to books on the subject, it was like the answers were all in my head, sitting in a filing cabinet in my mind waiting for me to open it, looking for the required file.

As I read books, I find if I don’t get a good visual of the story from the start, I do find it hard to keep reading it. I have come to see times of the day can have an effect on my creative ideas and flow. I seem to have times in the morning, where when writing the words flow better than other times, or when people are in my house, for example yesterday was a public holiday here ‘Australia Day’ and with all the family home, I was unable to actually get any writing for my novel done, though managed to get 2 blog posts done. Where today I couldn’t write either and spent the day cleaning and re-arranging parts of my kitchen that needed to be done. Even as I was cleaning out cupboards and sorting through things, my mind was going out on tangents of what changes I could make to parts of the room. For instance I have a open brick wall behind my stove and no splash back, as my husband is into furniture making (fine woodwork), I had the thought of a patterned wooden splash back. I have seen lots done with tiles but not a wooden one, I must put this idea to my husband and see what he can come up with. So the mine keeps running when I am trying to do another mundane task like sorting and rearranging.

I am not looking to have a house that looks like the images in a magazine, I love the look of homes that are lived in and enjoyed, like a good book, you can fall into it and you become one of the characters as you read. I guess this is true as well…creativity_1
I can’t even keep my desk clean, I don’t think my mind would be that kind of place where everything has to be so clean, I like the idea of my imagination running a muck and giving me wonderful ideas, dreams, and visual images to ponder on and create.

Till next time we meet…


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