Day 3 of my Holidays = Writing

Its Wednesday and I am at day 3 of my holidays and loving every minute of it, not having to worry about getting ready for work and sitting around in my sweatpants and t-shirt, air conditioner on as its 38 degrees C outside, looking over my laptop out into my garden with the sound of birds singing, and seeing the bees buzz around the water in the birdbath.

Up date on the writing, I churned out 2058 words yesterday to my first shitty draft of my first fictional novel, still unsure of which genre it will fit into, whether it is chick lit or general fiction, I am sure by the time I finish it I will know. So total word count as of yesterday (have been working on novel since mid 2016) 54,658 and this weeks goal was to add another 20,000 words to it, which might be a long stretch, but I am working at it.

Yesterday I managed to set up my new facebook page (being a little more grown up about this one) as it is focused on my writing and my journey forward to the hope of one day being published. Now here is the interesting part that I have learnt about myself today, I have spent many years so focused on my need to be skinny, my need to exercise and push my body to its limits with triathlon and marathon swimming, that I have come to finally know what it is that I want to do when I grow up….even though I am 45 years old now….so writing it is, the words have just been flowing, just at the right rate and making sense as I go. So what does one do to appease ones curiosity into freelance writing? oh she goes and looks at Book Depository online and finds some books to add to the collection and wish list, plus look into courses online with Australian Writers Centre for later in the year. I am sure a little research is definitely in order.

The word count for today stands at 2120, and a total of 56,778. Getting closer to the 60,000 word mark and still more of the story to come. So for tomorrow there is a need to get more snack foods for while I am writing…seems I get quite hungry while I write. Break for a good hearty lunch and as it is Australia Day tomorrow, and a public holiday…well not for me, I will be writing away, as the temperature outside is expected to reach a wonderfully warm 40 Degrees C.

My question today is, has it taken others a long time to work out that they wanted to be a writer when they grew up? or did you know from such a young age?

Until next we meet, have a great day….


2 thoughts on “Day 3 of my Holidays = Writing

  1. Yes! It’s like you’ve been reading my mind! Only recently have I felt ‘grown up’ and doing what my heart truly wants to (writing). The words are flowing nicely for me too – a total rewrite of first ms, but I’ve mulling over it so long it’s finally told me how it’s meant to be written!
    Sounds like your progress is going really well! You’ll get there for sure!

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