Holiday = Writing Time…

With a weeks holiday starting today, I have put into place my plan. To write another 20000 words on my first draft of my very first novel. I am currently 50000+ words in and another 50000 to go, before I can say “The End” and then start editing and rewriting.

So its day one, I met a wonderful lady whom I met on Instagram who lives in Perth and while sitting and talking over coffee and cake it was lovely to see just how much we have in common, and not just our love for writing, but where we started with our writing and situations that have happened in our lives that are uncanny and so similar. It is a new friendship that I am sure, is going to grow and bloom into a wonderful long term friendship of many chats about writing, characters, and our journeys that lay ahead of us both. Then it was off to Dymocks Book Shop to pick up my new book, “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold that I will review once read. I saw a blurb on the book on Instagram and straight away had to have a copy to read for myself.

Now to update my own blog. Which I have to come realise that my own personal blog and the one I write for the business I work for ( are so very different, which is to be expected, as my personal one here is about me and my journey towards becoming one day a published author, and work being a technical style blog about specific products that we sell and the happenings in the world of liquor. It is very interesting to be able to write on both levels and is helping me to understand myself and my preferred writing style, definitely fiction as I can relax and let my characters come forward in my mind and in ways, show me the way they wish to move through out the story.

This brings me to a question…I am a visual person, when I see certain images I can get story lines or plots and certain characters and settings. I also hear that little voice in my mind as I write…not sure if that sounds creepy or not? So what does every else do? Do you see your story play out like a movie in your mind? Do you hear your characters voices in your head? or do you feel your characters emotions and write from there? I am intrigued by how others write.

So with my week ahead of reading and some serious writing, I hope everyone has an awesome and productive week, and until next time….


3 thoughts on “Holiday = Writing Time…

  1. When you are so much connected to writing all you hear are voices of your characters and everything else related to it. Just keeps going in your head! And through all this, you get an amazing piece of writing at the end! Good luck!


  2. I loved reading this post – especially the part about making a new friend…
    I read a book recently where the author encourages women to ‘find their girl tribe’, and I feel like another piece of the puzzle fell into place today. It’s so heartening to find like-minded people who totally get the ‘writing thing’. Best of luck reaching your your word count goal this week!

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