My Journey Begins

The search for myself, has brought me to a place I never thought I would come to, an aspiring writer. I can say I am an author in the sense of my own blog, which in the coming weeks will have a few changes, and this one being my first on wordpress. Though being an aspiring novel writer/author I would never in a million years had seen this coming as a true piece of my soul, as I have been searching for along time.

I remember clearly always researching information for school projects and in primary school receiving a 9/10 for my project on dogs. Then in high school for receiving one of my best grades in year 10 English for a story I wrote, also for a speech I did on World War II about the concentration camps. So I guess writing and research have always been with me in some form, though never really looked at it in any other way until the last six to twelve months.

Though as we go through life and take the turns on our path that we think are the right ones at the time, take us on experiences of both negative and positive. I have to say the universe works in amazing ways, even when we go through what we see as negatives in our lives, these are lessons we need to see and go through to grow within ourselves. For myself going through 30 plus years of an eating disorder, diagnosis of coeliacs disease, depression and suicidal thoughts, I can honestly say, today, that I am so happy to say I didn’t have the guts to kill myself for the sake of my family and myself.

Today I can look back on situations in my life, good and bad and see the lessons clearer, now that I have come to the opening in the tunnel and seeing the bright clear day light and breathing in every ounce of fresh air filling my mind, body and soul with new dreams, new goals and knowing the authentic self is being heard loud and clear.

So what is to come? my journey in writing my first novel, currently half way through my shitty first draft, future novels, ideas, the good days of writing and the bad, the lessons I learn along the way. Life around me as I write, from full time work, family, fur-babies, a spot of traveling and the things in life that excite me. Oh and the writers need for coffee to help limber up the fingers, allowing the words to roll onto the paper or for the fingers to glide across the keyboard.

Till next we meet, have a great day…


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