Holidays are done….

Well its time to get back to work and back to ‘normal’ life. I didn’t make the target of 20,000 words, though you know what I learnt things this week about myself, which is great. I find certain people seem to block me when writing, and I know they don’t mean to, but it happens. I started my memoir piece all over again for the third time. I searched and found a course I wish to do later this year, when I return from my overseas holiday.

I am feeling more grounded as a writer. If I wasn’t writing over these past eight days I was busy reading or letting my imagination run and letting it go in all different directions. Which it landed in the world of my garden and designing it further, we touched down for a little while in the world of interior design and decorating, I spent more time in the airport of freelance writing, checking out the arrivals and departures of courses, and books with destinations to peer into for my future in writing. So I would say it has been eight days of enjoying ‘me’ time and finding more of myself and remembering the things I love so much in life.

So why the image of a bridge, well as we come to a block in our road, we can either try and wade our way through the roughness of the issues, or we can take the more gentle approach and walk calmly over the block and into new territory and ways to over come the block that is now behind us and learn new ways of dealing with similar issues in the future. With routine coming back into play as of today, I shall be home tonight to tap away on the keyboard of either my novel or my memoir, which ever the emotions roll towards. I still have a dead-line for my novels first draft to be completely by and its still in reach.

Till next time, enjoy your day….


Direction Change

Well its day 7 or my 8 days holiday, and I hit a bump in the writers road. I was doing so well on my novel manuscript, then come Thursday it was Australia Day, everyone was home and I couldn’t get the words flowing. I was being disrupted by everyone around me. So I decided that you know what, its better not to push the words too hard, and take the day off to do something else. Well with it being the second day of near 40 Degrees Celsius, what ever I was going to do had to be done inside. So 2 blog posts it was, that’s what was running through my mind at the time.

Now its Sunday and I am back to work on Tuesday. I haven’t done any more work on my fictional manuscript, hopefully that will be tomorrow. What I have managed is 1334 words to my memoir, which I am currently unsure if it will be short and sweet or longer, a work in progress one would say. Its a period in my life that has been exceptionally hard to deal with and over come. Disordered eating has 2 spectrums, you can either starve yourself or you can over eat. For me it was a matter of starving from as young as 10 years old, and not coming to the realisation until I reached 41, when I went searching for help to gain some weight as I wanted to do triathlon in a big way.

A Memoir: by Hayley Glasson

You crept into my life at the age of ten, and stayed quiet but effective until the realisation of needing help, then it was a war of the minds to overcome you and say goodbye for ever, and hello to the real me, and a healthy me, that would be able to live without you.

I was hit by these words yesterday, and was able to get them written down, as the opening to my memoir, thought I would share this with you all. As a work in progress it will be what it will.

Till next time….

The Creative Mind…

The creative mind, a place that not everyone can go to. Some have the most amazing minds that create the most amazing artworks, books, sculptures, buildings, interiors, and the list goes on and on. For some I am sure it comes naturally like being born with it, others I guess like me have to learn to find it, even if its been there for ever and just not seen.

How many have both sides of the spectrum, practical minded, logical minded, and also creative? Can one be both, or just one? Can one change from left to right, or visa versa? Can one teach oneself to be creative, or does it come from deeper with in? So many questions…

Are ‘creatives’ seen as introverts or can they be extraverts as well? See more questions…I find myself when creativity strikes I need a space, a space where the mind can quieten to allow for the creative lines to connect and spark thoughts, words, images, and dreams. I have a love for furniture, interior decorating and design, writing, painting, colour, nature, gardening, and more. I find I can get lost for hours looking in a furniture shop, or online looking at decorating images for ideas. I can visualise different layouts. I remember clearly doing my interior design and decorating course, and sitting in my dinning room writing the answers to the questions set, with very little reference to books on the subject, it was like the answers were all in my head, sitting in a filing cabinet in my mind waiting for me to open it, looking for the required file.

As I read books, I find if I don’t get a good visual of the story from the start, I do find it hard to keep reading it. I have come to see times of the day can have an effect on my creative ideas and flow. I seem to have times in the morning, where when writing the words flow better than other times, or when people are in my house, for example yesterday was a public holiday here ‘Australia Day’ and with all the family home, I was unable to actually get any writing for my novel done, though managed to get 2 blog posts done. Where today I couldn’t write either and spent the day cleaning and re-arranging parts of my kitchen that needed to be done. Even as I was cleaning out cupboards and sorting through things, my mind was going out on tangents of what changes I could make to parts of the room. For instance I have a open brick wall behind my stove and no splash back, as my husband is into furniture making (fine woodwork), I had the thought of a patterned wooden splash back. I have seen lots done with tiles but not a wooden one, I must put this idea to my husband and see what he can come up with. So the mine keeps running when I am trying to do another mundane task like sorting and rearranging.

I am not looking to have a house that looks like the images in a magazine, I love the look of homes that are lived in and enjoyed, like a good book, you can fall into it and you become one of the characters as you read. I guess this is true as well…creativity_1
I can’t even keep my desk clean, I don’t think my mind would be that kind of place where everything has to be so clean, I like the idea of my imagination running a muck and giving me wonderful ideas, dreams, and visual images to ponder on and create.

Till next time we meet…

Book Review: ‘A Woman’s Shed’ by Gill Heriz

2016 was a year of many highs and some low and difficult times emotionally in my life. I was going through many changes emotionally and in parts physically as well. I was seeing a particular story in my minds eye that I had the need to write, the story wrapped around gardens, the characters that would learn so much about themselves from a particular garden. Ok, well back to the book, I got to a point in 2016 where I suddenly remembered the book, mainly by its cover and the title. I went wondering back into Herb Circle one day prior to Christmas as I was hoping to have it as a Christmas gift from my son, but it wasn’t there, the copy they had was sold. I came home and hit the computer looking online to see if one of my two favourite books shops in Perth had a copy, and one did. I let my son know and then hoped that it would be under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

I was handed my gift from my son on Christmas day, to unwrap and see ‘A Woman’s Shed’ in my hands. I loved the cover, a wooden shed, with am armchair by the door on its small porch, bits and bobs hanging on the porch roof frame, a couple of small mirrors and a picture hanging on the door, a garden surrounding it, just drew me in the pages that followed. I carefully opened the hardcover, turning to the third page to see another shed surrounded by a lush green rambling garden of cottage plants, roses and more. I fell in love with the image that it was. I have always had a want for my own space, whether it be in my house or a shed outside, but it never really eventuated, until the time over Christmas while reading I made the decision to turn my ‘workroom’ into my ‘indoor shed’ an area that I could call my own to create my characters for my novel and my area for reading with a view out from my desk to my garden.

A Woman’s Shed is filled with a wealth of creative ideas for those of us who wish for our own space, to be creative in what ever way we wish, for painters, sculptors and potters, sheds for builders, sheds for living, sheds for growers, , sheds for makers and sheds for working. I found not all the images of the shed were my particular cup of tea, so to speak, but I found ideas in many photos to be able to use in my own room, but to also extend out into my garden. There are the stories of the women who own these sheds which are also very interesting to read. I love ‘Mel’s’ story of love and loss of her daughter and her place of healing with no computer, no radio, just a place to remember and to heal. (pg56)

I found that it wasn’t just the sheds that caught my attention throughout the book it was also the gardens that surrounded the sheds, this showed even more character in the sheds as they melted into the gardens that surrounded them. The one shed I could see myself in would be Jenny’s (pg 158) tucked up in the rear of her property its a male free zone. She is surrounded by vegetable gardens, herbs. Being able to sit on the porch with a glass of wine and watch the day go by if that is what you wanted to do.


I guess we all have a need for space of our own, and as I live in Australia and A Woman’s Shed is based in the UK, its wonderful to be able to float into such a book that tells of women’s creative stories with their own creative spaces.

If you have the chance to pick up a copy, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do each and every time I pick it up and flick through the photos for inspiration.

My Dream Garden…

The photo above is a dream of mine, as a visual person I fall for a beautiful green lawn, a back drop of large trees for shade and protection, smaller shrubs that flower through out the year for a continual view of colour and fragrance. The sound of birds singing their own songs, the buzzing of bees in amongst the flowers and sharing the bird baths for water and hydration. I have always had this kind of fascination for as long as I can remember.

I live in a climate of hot summers (40 degrees Celsius) and mild to cold winters (14-16 degrees Celsius) with some winters being wet and others not. Summer is very dry. So my dream of a lush green garden doesn’t really fit my home location. We do have the large trees in the yard for shade, amazing gum trees of great heights. Callistemon trees that have draping branches with long red flowers on the end, a couple of hibiscus’s that have stunning double pink flowers that make an arch way through to the back of the yard. There is a lot of open space, that over the past winter was infested with weeds, but with some slashing with the whipper-sniper there is now plenty of spaces to plant new plants and fill the gaps. Now here is the issue I have, we live in such a climate that my love for the delicate cottage plants won’t survive in the harsh Australian home garden unless we have large water usage. As we are on water restrictions of only watering with sprinkler systems twice a week, it makes it very difficult, though I do have on my patio in pots hydrangeas, roses, chrysanthemums, gardenia, snapdragons, spring flowering bulbs, a grevillea, hoya, port wine magnolia, chives, and a wisteria. So for me that is my cottage garden, my goal is to build my gardens (half an acre) with a mix of roses, buddleias, bougainvillea’s banksias, salvias, jacaranda trees, and more. With a mix of Australian natives to attract the birds and cottage plants to attract the butterflies and bees my garden will have parts of my dream and the practical side, for the weather conditions that we have.

I love the fact that I can sit here at my desk and write with a view of my back yard, and the vision of what it will look like in the coming months. You see Summer when its 40 degrees C, is not the time to be planting cottage plants or any other plant, including natives, in my experience. I usually pick the cooler days, or times when the weather for the coming week is going to be cool enough for the plants to take a hold and not get fried.

I love that yesterday, as I was writing my novel, two small birds caught my eye and distracted me from my writing, playing in the native bush I have directly across from my window, that happened at different times of the day. I would watch the bees playing in the bird bath. Even my first fictional novel I am currently writing has a garden theme to it, in England, Australia and America. With my characters using gardening in their lives for their own reasons. As much as I love summer here in Western Australia, I do look forward to the cooler months of Autumn and Winter to fill the garden beds, run the climbers across the back fence, and for a new flush of colour and the waft of mixed floral fragrance circulate my garden and home.

Until next we meet…have a love day.

Day 3 of my Holidays = Writing

Its Wednesday and I am at day 3 of my holidays and loving every minute of it, not having to worry about getting ready for work and sitting around in my sweatpants and t-shirt, air conditioner on as its 38 degrees C outside, looking over my laptop out into my garden with the sound of birds singing, and seeing the bees buzz around the water in the birdbath.

Up date on the writing, I churned out 2058 words yesterday to my first shitty draft of my first fictional novel, still unsure of which genre it will fit into, whether it is chick lit or general fiction, I am sure by the time I finish it I will know. So total word count as of yesterday (have been working on novel since mid 2016) 54,658 and this weeks goal was to add another 20,000 words to it, which might be a long stretch, but I am working at it.

Yesterday I managed to set up my new facebook page (being a little more grown up about this one) as it is focused on my writing and my journey forward to the hope of one day being published. Now here is the interesting part that I have learnt about myself today, I have spent many years so focused on my need to be skinny, my need to exercise and push my body to its limits with triathlon and marathon swimming, that I have come to finally know what it is that I want to do when I grow up….even though I am 45 years old now….so writing it is, the words have just been flowing, just at the right rate and making sense as I go. So what does one do to appease ones curiosity into freelance writing? oh she goes and looks at Book Depository online and finds some books to add to the collection and wish list, plus look into courses online with Australian Writers Centre for later in the year. I am sure a little research is definitely in order.

The word count for today stands at 2120, and a total of 56,778. Getting closer to the 60,000 word mark and still more of the story to come. So for tomorrow there is a need to get more snack foods for while I am writing…seems I get quite hungry while I write. Break for a good hearty lunch and as it is Australia Day tomorrow, and a public holiday…well not for me, I will be writing away, as the temperature outside is expected to reach a wonderfully warm 40 Degrees C.

My question today is, has it taken others a long time to work out that they wanted to be a writer when they grew up? or did you know from such a young age?

Until next we meet, have a great day….

Holiday = Writing Time…

With a weeks holiday starting today, I have put into place my plan. To write another 20000 words on my first draft of my very first novel. I am currently 50000+ words in and another 50000 to go, before I can say “The End” and then start editing and rewriting.

So its day one, I met a wonderful lady whom I met on Instagram who lives in Perth and while sitting and talking over coffee and cake it was lovely to see just how much we have in common, and not just our love for writing, but where we started with our writing and situations that have happened in our lives that are uncanny and so similar. It is a new friendship that I am sure, is going to grow and bloom into a wonderful long term friendship of many chats about writing, characters, and our journeys that lay ahead of us both. Then it was off to Dymocks Book Shop to pick up my new book, “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold that I will review once read. I saw a blurb on the book on Instagram and straight away had to have a copy to read for myself.

Now to update my own blog. Which I have to come realise that my own personal blog and the one I write for the business I work for ( are so very different, which is to be expected, as my personal one here is about me and my journey towards becoming one day a published author, and work being a technical style blog about specific products that we sell and the happenings in the world of liquor. It is very interesting to be able to write on both levels and is helping me to understand myself and my preferred writing style, definitely fiction as I can relax and let my characters come forward in my mind and in ways, show me the way they wish to move through out the story.

This brings me to a question…I am a visual person, when I see certain images I can get story lines or plots and certain characters and settings. I also hear that little voice in my mind as I write…not sure if that sounds creepy or not? So what does every else do? Do you see your story play out like a movie in your mind? Do you hear your characters voices in your head? or do you feel your characters emotions and write from there? I am intrigued by how others write.

So with my week ahead of reading and some serious writing, I hope everyone has an awesome and productive week, and until next time….

Let Your Light Shine, Not Your Fear.

Let your Light Shine

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
We were all meant to shine, as children do.
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same
As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.”

We all have fears, that is natural, its how we deal with those fears that will determine which direction our life can and will take. Fear can paralyze us in many ways, from stopping us from doing something different, being ourselves, standing out in the crowd, living life. We fear what people think of us and what we do, we fear death, we fear living, we fear getting sick, some fear success.

How do we over come these fears? Stand up to your fears. Find the courage within your heart, mind and spirit to over come your fears. We can’t live our lives with constant fear of what might happen. Lets take the bull by the horns and run, we can’t live fearing, we need to live with courage, determination, joy and happiness.

We are alive to live, to live our lives to the fullest, we have bumps of fear on our life paths, these bumps are to help us to learn what is truly important to us.

I firmly believe we should be living each day as if it was our last, why must we wait until we are told, we only have days, weeks or even just months to live to start enjoying our lives. Our fear comes from self doubt. The only way we can over come this is to take our self doubt and kick it in the arse and boot it into space, and lead lives full, exciting and yes we are still going to have times of lessons we don’t want to learn.

I have come to see that our lives are never going to be static, even if we wish for the world to just stop for a minute. We can make the decision to slow it down for ourselves, but that is an individuals decision. I made the decision to slow my life down and enjoy the process of writing my novels, blogs and doing the required research, not race around swimming every day, like I did in 2015 and 2016 when I was so wrapped up in swimming from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island (19.7km of open water). Take the time to see where in your life you might need to slow things down, release the self doubt to space and live the life you want.

Until next time, enjoy your time, and give fear the kick up the arse it needs to send it into space, and get on with living.

My Journey Begins

The search for myself, has brought me to a place I never thought I would come to, an aspiring writer. I can say I am an author in the sense of my own blog, which in the coming weeks will have a few changes, and this one being my first on wordpress. Though being an aspiring novel writer/author I would never in a million years had seen this coming as a true piece of my soul, as I have been searching for along time.

I remember clearly always researching information for school projects and in primary school receiving a 9/10 for my project on dogs. Then in high school for receiving one of my best grades in year 10 English for a story I wrote, also for a speech I did on World War II about the concentration camps. So I guess writing and research have always been with me in some form, though never really looked at it in any other way until the last six to twelve months.

Though as we go through life and take the turns on our path that we think are the right ones at the time, take us on experiences of both negative and positive. I have to say the universe works in amazing ways, even when we go through what we see as negatives in our lives, these are lessons we need to see and go through to grow within ourselves. For myself going through 30 plus years of an eating disorder, diagnosis of coeliacs disease, depression and suicidal thoughts, I can honestly say, today, that I am so happy to say I didn’t have the guts to kill myself for the sake of my family and myself.

Today I can look back on situations in my life, good and bad and see the lessons clearer, now that I have come to the opening in the tunnel and seeing the bright clear day light and breathing in every ounce of fresh air filling my mind, body and soul with new dreams, new goals and knowing the authentic self is being heard loud and clear.

So what is to come? my journey in writing my first novel, currently half way through my shitty first draft, future novels, ideas, the good days of writing and the bad, the lessons I learn along the way. Life around me as I write, from full time work, family, fur-babies, a spot of traveling and the things in life that excite me. Oh and the writers need for coffee to help limber up the fingers, allowing the words to roll onto the paper or for the fingers to glide across the keyboard.

Till next we meet, have a great day…